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Why you should attend
Performance Measurement & Client Reporting 2024

Benefits of Attending:

  • Conference Access: One-day conference access including admission to 12 sessions exposing you to a range of perspectives and viewpoints
  • Networking Opportunities: Real-time, face-to-face communication allows for deeper connections and a better understanding of like-minded individuals
  • Product Demonstrations: You can see, touch, and experience products and services firsthand, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Industry Insights: In-person events often provide access to the latest industry trends, updates, and innovations, which can help you stay current in your field
  • Access to Experts: You may have the opportunity to interact with industry experts, thought leaders, and keynote speakers, allowing you to gain insights and ask questions directly
  • Building Relationships: In-person events allow you to nurture existing relationships and create new ones
  • Engagement: Engage with peers and experts leading to the discovery of solutions to challenges and problems you're facing
  • CPE Credits:  Attendees can accrue up to 7.5 CPE credits for attending the full day of discussions

Non-Vendor Pricing

$1,185 USD

  • This ticket includes companies that do not sell software or provide a service. This rate applies to both firms and individuals involved in the day-to-day operations.

Vendor Pricing

$1,685 USD

  • This ticket includes all companies selling a service or product such as software companies, service providers, consultancies, research and analyst firms, exchanges, as well as custodian banks or banks offering a range of services and products.

If you're interested in sending a group of three or more attendees, don't hesitate to contact FTF directly for an exclusive discounted group rate. Simply send an email to with your request.